Welcome to my kitchen!


I deal with food and wine communication and organize cooking classes in my small cokery school in the historic center of Sorrento.

Born in Naples and grew up in Sorrento, the kitchen has always been my favorite room in the house: the place where the scents of food mix with conversations and memories, where family meets togheter, friends are welcomed and traditions live.

My mother (Patrizia) and my grandmother (Flora, in fact) taught me the art of hospitality and home cooking, made of simple flavors, genuine ingredients and recipes handed down from mother to daughter. My father (Emilio) taught me how important it is to fall in love with your own dreams and pursue them with constancy and concreteness to make them come true.

After graduating, I specialized in Food and Wine Communication at the Gambero Rosso Schools. And that's where I started to "get hungry"

Hunger for stories

Stories of food, recipes and traditions.

After a few years of collaborations with Food & Beverage companies in May 2019 I gave life to my dream: a small cooking school in the heart of Sorrento.

NONNA FLORA – Sorrento Family Kitchen is the place (which deliberately has all the aspect of a home kitchen) where I share every day the discovery of recipes, traditions, companies, stories, people and products.

If you too love simple and authentic things, the bond with your roots, smiling people and grandma's cooking, then you've come to the right place!

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